Fermentation Technologies

As Meta Muhendislik, we continue our cooperation, since 1995, with German firm, Heinrich Frings GmbH&KO who is a leader and pioneer in fermentation Technologies. Frings, with its patented fermenters, has been a consistent and reliable Supplier for vinegar industrialists throughout the world. They became a critical partner for most Vinegar producers also in Turkey, such as Carl Kühne, Kemal Kukrer, Doganay, Fersan and so on.

As we are able to execute Frings’ patented fermenters, Acetators, in Turkey in accordance with Firngs’ original projects and norms, this high Technology can be brought to your plants with more suitable costs now.

We give service to our customers with our German partner starting from project level till to key-turn delivery of their Fruit / Alcohol Vinegar Production Plants.

- Vinegar-Alcohol Vinegar Production Plants
- Filtration Plants
- Bread Yeast Plants, Citric Acid, Crytallized Fructosr etc.
- Alcohol Plants
- Biotechnology plants,
- Citric Acid , Asetic Acid Production Plants,
- Crystallization Plants (Salts etc.),
- Special Immersible Aerators for Waste Water Aeration and Treatment Plants