Distillation Technologies

For decades, several studies have been made on the subject of extraction or decomposition of individual components from liquid mixtures. One of the most intriguing subjects has been alcohol production. Distillation and rectification Technologies are applied respectively as following:

Distillation is the term used for decomposition of individual components from a liquid mixture, by partial evaporation and then condensation, by taking advantage of the difference in the evaporation behaviours of the components. Rectification is a term used for multi distillation process of liquids in direct contact with counterflow steam. Besides Alcoholic beverages, Disttillation Technology is widely used for Chemistry, Medicine, Food and Beverages, and Environmental Technologies industries. Another important field of application is bio-ethanol production as an environment-friendly fuel.

Our field of activity is especially Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic Beverages. We have so many experiences and references in these sectors;
- Complete Alcoholic - Non Alcoholic Beverages (Non-Alcoholic Beer, Raki, Vodka etc.) Production Plants

- Complete Biobenzine, Bioethanol Production Plants