Packaging Machines and Equipments :

MetaMuhendislik supplies enduring, high technology, easy-to-use packaging systems supported with reliable customer services and competitive prices. Our commercial network includes many countries.

Our machine producers are working continuosly in order to make their machines more stable, more enduring and more suitable for a wider range of equipments and feeding groups. Many operators are working dilligently on every matter from design to production, Sales and technical services.

Today, packaging machines that we represented are produced by leading packaging equipments companies in world. Our machines are currently being operated under many different conditions and with a wide range of products through out the world. We can pack hundreds of types products.

Our vertical packaging machines, when combined with their own weighers, are able to reach up to a speed and efficiency of 120-125 bags / minute basically depending on the product type to be packed.

Customized machines are also within our scope of supply besides many automatic feeding systems, varying types of fittings and installations for special operations, complete lineer line series and multi-head weighers.