Bottling Technologies and Filtration Systems

META supplies bottle rinsing-filling-capping lines for raki, vodka, juice, and olive oil plants with its experienced technical stuff co-operating with global companies leading the sector. We can also supply filling lines for bottles with non-refillable caps and dosing ball caps.

We have a wide range of variety when it comes to bottling lines from lineer lines for middle-ranged capacities up to rotating lines with high capacities;
- Bottle Rinsing, Filling, Capping Machines,
- Bottle Labelling Machines,
- De Palletiser or Palletiser Machines

For filtration of products as wine, alcohol, oil.. etc. ;
- Pres Filters
- Plate filters
- Cross Flow Filter
- Drum Filter with Vacuum
- Kieselghur Filter
- Wine, Alcohol Cooling Units
- Special Vertical Chemistry Filters